The simplest, and friendliest framework for fast web development

MightyPHP is a PHP framework designed to be fast to pick up, simple, least bloatcodes and also comfortable for fast paced web development.

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Why get Mighty?

Low Learning Curve

MightyPHP is mighty easy. Set it up, and jump straight into development without pondering too long at the documentations and to figure out how to use a spoon.


Messy codes: the very weakness of PHP. With Mighty, all concerns are well separated. To the point that, your front end codes will be in .html.

No Bloats

There are a lot of great frameworks out there. Most of them comes with gazillions of modules and structures to just get one thing done. Why bother? Go Mighty, go light and easy.

RESTful Ready

Built firstly as a REST API, Mighty is fully REST ready! Thinking of setting up a PHP REST API can never be mightier easier. Works well even when sharing a code base with your web application.

Very Extensible

With its flexible services module, it is very easy to extend Mighty. Write up what you want, and inject them into your controllers.

Re-usable Components

Write once, use everywhere. Global services can be injected to multiple code lines. Almost zero configuration to have controllers reuse the same codes from anywhere. It's that easy.

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